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Publish Date: 2022-05-21
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The description of 4:6 Method App

This application is under development, additions are planned as an explanation of the 4:6 method I am interested in your comments or ideas to continue to improve this application.Prepare a speciality good coffee following the 4:6 method of Tetsu Kasuya, using a Hario V60 dripper, Chemex, Blue Bottle, Origami or any other filter dripper.The 4:6 method is a recipe of Tetsu Kasuya who won the 2016 World Brewer's Cup in Dublin, Ireland.The method consists of dividing the volume of water into two parts, one of 40% and the second of 60%. The first part is poured in two times, this step will determine the balance between the acidity and sweetness of your cup. For the remaining 60%, the number of pours will determine the strength of the coffee.The application generates for you a recipe according to your desires, define the coffee you want, the strength, the quantity, follow the recipe and enjoy.

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