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Name Day R Premium
Category Survival
Size 147.1MB
Popularity 7112
Publisher tltGames
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/07/2022
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Mod Info:

Day R Premium Unlimited Money, Many Items

Day R Premium Game Introduction :

Day R Premium MOD APK is a survival RPG from the publisher tltGames. You will need to use all your knowledge of math, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, and your patience, great will, and bravery to survive and decipher all the mysteries around you.

Introduce about Day R Premium

Life is sometimes harsher than death

Interesting plot and opening

Events in Day R Premium are similar to Day R Survival game. You were in Russia in 1985 at the very moment when nuclear war broke out. Russia at this time had suffered dozens of atom bombs. Many people had been infected with radiation and became mutants, the most terrible zombie type I have ever seen in mobile games. You are one of the lucky survivors. However, sometimes life is harder and harsher than death. To survive after all situations, you have to wander everywhere in search of food, water while finding items to make weapons for self-defense, and constantly fighting against a series of monsters and terrible mutant people out there.

Your mission is to not only survive and fight but also find the answer to the cause of this disaster (by yourself or with teammates when playing online). Besides, you need to gather the survivors and guide them all on the journey to restore the state of Russia. But first, you must help yourself find your memories to know what happened in your journey across Russia.

Day R Premium opens with a grayish-brown background in which drawings are from pencil strokes, sad music like it contains a lot of mystery and danger. The main character appears, lying somewhere in the middle of an empty road with an aching body. He is you who does not understand what has happened. You enter this world here. When you want to get up, tap the “Stand up” button. When you hold your head in pain but still want to look around, tap the “Look around” button. Everything goes on in such an open and tight plot, making the storyline both thrilling.

What has been improved in this Premium version?

Compared to the previous game, Day R Premium has a lot of changes and innovations. The goal is to bring as much convenience and excitement to the players as possible.

First, about weapons, you will have 2,500 fuses of explosives available, just need to collect and store them. The map is also clearer and sharper than before. You can go to all the destinations marked on the map, not as limited as before.

Next, the most obvious are the improvements in Online mode. Now you can chat with friends without limitation and freely exchange resources with teammates when needed.

Our character is no longer alone but has one more pet companion named Raven. Raven may not help much for your journey, but at least he makes you less lonely. Going with a cute friend is better than going alone, right?

The menu includes items collected or crafted during the game. They are classified by: Survival, Cooking, Chemistry, Mechanics, Sewing, Blacksmithing. In which the Blacksmithing section is newly added in this Premium version. At these classified warehouses, you can store items for your character freely without fear of losing them.

Is Day R Premium hard to play?

Yes, it’s super hard to play, which ranks among the hard-core games. Many challenges are waiting for you in the game such as hunger, disease, zombies, radioactive poisons, enemies, harsh weather, monsters, wild animals… The character’s fragmented memory also makes everything confusing like being surrounded by a thick layer of fog.

If it’s so difficult, is it worth taking so much time playing?

The answer is yes, yes, yes. The feeling of survival in this game has grown tremendously, much more than the zombie fighting survival games you’ve ever played. The danger, the unpredictability, and the difficulty come slowly. You cannot survive just with speed or a lot of guns. Because in addition to fighting, you have countless things to do to maintain your life in this grim land.

What can you do to survive?

Don’t worry too much because the game has a draft level, as I mentioned above. Then when you are confident, you can level up to the darker game modes. And even though it is difficult, keep your hope. In Day R Premium, you’ll have a lot of materials on the road. Every time you see them, your character is at the status of “You are searching…”. These materials are used to make weapons. The character itself also has many unique skills and a huge arsenal of ammo. This guy can make 1001 things on his own, from weapons, tools, medicine, chemical experiments to machines of all kinds. Very godly.

Game modes

Day R Premium has four game modes: Sandbox, Real Life, Super Hard, and Online. 

Sandbox can be considered as an Apprenticeship mode where you can barely die, which is great for newbies to the game. 

Real-life mode will be more difficult. It is just like outside real life where with just one wrong strategy, you will pay with your life. You’ll see the space around you change with the seasons. One by one, you’ll go through the map of the Soviet Union with more than 2,700 towns and cities large and small. This mode is suitable for experienced players. 

For the Super hard mode, the name says it all. Only game experts dare to try. Maybe you can try it too. Why don’t you try to discover your limits? 

In Online mode, you will join other online players to fight and survive in this youkai world.  

Graphics and sound

The music in Day R Premium is quite strange for post-apocalyptic games. It is low, sad, and a bit cruel. On such a sound background, you feel a lot of dangers await. The sound when items are collected is designed well, increasing your enjoyment of playing greatly. Such sounds are like a form of small spiritual encouragement, motivating people in a desperate state.

Like the sounds, the visuals seem sad a little bit when they are nostalgic brown images sequences and 2D sketches. The game items are detailed 3D simulations. As you upgrade yourself and your equipment with many valuable and powerful things, the drawings will gradually be replaced by standard, vivid 3D graphics. They will encourage your spirit, I think. You will be surprised a lot when witnessing the character’s shape change step by step and feeling the strength and energy he gradually gains through the quests in the game.

Day R Premium Game screenshot :

Day R Premium(Unlimited Money, Many Items) screenshot image 1
Day R Premium(Unlimited Money, Many Items) screenshot image 2
Day R Premium(Unlimited Money, Many Items) screenshot image 3

Day R Premium (147.1MB)

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