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Name MHD Flasher N54
Category Auto & Vehicles App
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Developer MHD Tuning UG
Publish Date: 2022-07-14
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The description of MHD Flasher N54 App

MHD Flasher is the first Android handheld application to bring ECU tuning and monitoring to the BMW N54 engine. The MHD Flasher reveals the immense margin of power BMW left on the table with the N54 while still retaining the sophistication of the original engine management program.→ Easy to install Connect any compatible Android device to your car using a MHD Wifi adapter, install one of the pre-purchased MHD maps and enjoy the power and performance benefits of the MHD maps by Wedge Performance. → Keep an eye on the tuningMonitor your engine behavior using a configurable gauges layout to keep an eye on any of the 50+ engine monitors like oil temp, boost pressure, actual load or individual cylinder ignition timing. Activate the logging mode to save up to 30 monitors to a standard CSV file for later analysis. Track issues by reading the error codes, and delete them once resolved.→ Flash your ECU back to a stock anytime, as often as you need to. No ECU backup is needed.→ Custom tuning supportAs an alternative to built-in maps, many tuners can provide advanced custom mapping for those who have higher or special performance needs. The MHD Flasher can be downloaded here: features description:═══ Flasher module ═══- Flash built-in maps (purchased separately), piggyback backend maps or custom user-tuned .BIN files.- Backup up the stock ECU software, as fast as 3 seconds on most of the cars.- Provides handy options like power limiter per gear, wastegate rattle fix or exhaust burble settings.- Read / delete engine trouble codes.- Reset adaptation values (Lambda, Fuel/air, Octane rating, VANOS, Throttle, and Battery).- 1 minutes map switching; initial install time: 18 minutes.═══ Monitor module ═══- Extensive logging values list, up to 30 values at the same time.- Save logging session to .CSV files- Integrated csv log viewer- Up to 8 configurable gauges- Automatic or manual log session start.═══ Optional MHD maps packs ═══- Maps by Wedge Performance- Stage 1 pack. Eight maps: 4 fuel octane variants, stock / upgraded FMIC variants.- Stage 2 pack. Eight maps: 4 fuel octane variants, stock / upgraded FMIC variants. High flow downpipes recommended.- Ethanol mix pack. Three maps (e25, e40 and e60), FMIC+DPs recommended. Upgraded fuel pump for the e60.Supported vehicles:2006-2010 135i, 335i and 535i2011-2013 335is2009-2015 Z4 35i/is2011-2012 1M2008-2010 X6 35i This racing product is for competition closed course use only.Required hardware:- 1 device running Android 4 and up.- 1 orange MHD wifi adapter Price list (licenses are VIN Locked and stored by Google along your Play store account):- Flasher module: $99- MHD maps packs: $49 each. Requires the Flasher module.- Monitor module: $69- JB4 backends only flasher: $79. Upgradable for $20 to the full $99 flasher module.- Increased boost limit (from 18 to 22 PSI) module: $49. For custom tuning purpose. Requires the Flasher module.FAQQ: Can I test the connection before making a purchase?A: Yes, simply tap the MHD Store button. The ECU connection is checked before displaying available purchases.Q: Does my Android device need to be permanently plugged to the OBD port?A: No. Once a flash is performed you can unplug your device.Q: Do I need to purchase a new license each time I flash a map?A: No, you can ref lash as many times as needed.Q: Is a battery charger required?A: It is highly recommended for long flashes (install, uninstall). A healthy battery will handle short flashes (map changes) fine but the use of a battery charger remains recommended.

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