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Publish Date 04/05/2022
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Scratch-Off Guide for Connecticut State Lottery

Scratch-Off Guide for Connecticut State Lottery Game Introduction :

You won\’t want to buy another Connecticut scratch-off ticket again without this app.

The Connecticut lottery provides so many different scratch-off games, how are you supposed to choose one to play? With the Scratch Off Guide for Connecticut Lottery, you have instant access to all of the relevant data about each game that you can use to buy the perfect ticket for your strategy. The app provides a list of all available games along with the tools to filter and sort that list of scratch-offs down to just the ones that you\’d want to buy.

Let\’s say you only like to play $5 games. Apply a filter via the menu bar and you\’re only comparing the $5 scratch off tickets to eachother. From there, you might want to buy a ticket with the highest jackpot amount. Use the sort menu and purchase the first ticket in the list! Or you might notice that another $5 ticket with a slightly lower jackpot has considerably more jackpots out there waiting to be found – so maybe you choose that one instead. Formulate your strategy and the app will help you find whichever game is best for it!

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Download and use for FREE!


✔ View statistics for each game like the jackpot amount, ticket cost, number of jackpots remaining, and more!
✔ Full list of all Connecticut scratch offs
✔ Game pictures are included so you can easily find your chosen ticket in-store
✔ Filter the list of scratch-offs down to help narrow your search for the perfect scratcher
✔ Sort the games how you want them – by jackpot, price, jackpots available, and more!
✔ Combine filters and sorts to help you make the best decision when buying a CT lottery scratch off ticket


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* Disclaimer 1: The CT Lottery Scratch-Off Guide and our development team are not affiliated with the Connecticut Lottery organization. Our app simply instructs your device to fetch the data and presents it to you in an organized fashion to help you make informed decisions on scratch off tickets to purchase.

* Disclaimer 2: Whenever playing a lottery, please play responsibly. We by no means guarantee results with our app, that it will meet all of your expectations of functionality in an uninterrupted, timely, or error-free method with accurate results. Any errors in software will be corrected as soon as possible, but may occur. Any material, data, or insight gleaned from use of the CT Lottery Scratch-Off Guide is done at your discretion. We simply wish to give players the most information publicly available to them.

* Disclaimer 3: If there is a problem with the data or it no longer correctly fetches data, please tell us in a review or send us an email to our support address and we will attempt to fix it as soon as possible.

* Disclaimer 4: The Scratch-Off Guide for Connecticut Lottery only presents scratch-off tickets for the state of Connecticut. Other states or other non scratch off games are not represented, but you can view the other guides we\’ve published by clicking on the \”MNM Applications\” developer link in the app store listing.

* Disclaimer 5: Ticket scanning is not currently supported.

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Scratch-Off Guide for Connecticut State Lottery Game screenshot :

Scratch-Off Guide for Connecticut State Lottery

Scratch-Off Guide for Connecticut State Lottery

Scratch-Off Guide for Connecticut State Lottery

Scratch-Off Guide for Connecticut State Lottery

Scratch-Off Guide for Connecticut State Lottery

Scratch-Off Guide for Connecticut State Lottery (14.3MB)

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